Name:Aleksandr Yuzvovich
Birthdate:January 7th 1981
Languages:Russian, English
Education: Kaliningrad State University, 2006

"I'm lead artist and I love my job" :)))

I'm seeking a position Lead Artist, Art Director


INTENIUM GmbH 2007-Present
Art Director/Lead Artist.
Develop game and app for mobile.

Kranx Productions 2007-2015
2D lead artist (develop on-line games for tablets, develop casual games, create Nintendo DS projects, pixel art ).
Concept art, graphics and design for a variety of casual games.
Art lead, concepts, effects animation and graphics for unreleased original IP title for Nintendo DS.

Herocraft 2006- 2007
2D artist ( pixelart, 2D animation, create sprites and tiles, create baners).
Concept art, graphics and design for a variety of mobile games.

KDV Games 2004-2006
3D modeller (animation, texturing and skininnig, FX art).
Modeling environment objects and variety units.

Tenax Media 2003- 2004
2D artist ( concept art, story board, animation, web disign, flash animation).

Projects: promotional content.

- Art and Creative Direction
- User Interface Design
- 2D animation and pixel art
- Illustration
- Graphic Design and Layout
- Storyboards
- Character Concept Design
- Brand Development
- 3D Texturing and Modeling
- Compositing and Animation
- Web Design

- Photoshop CS
- 3DS Max
- Flash MX
- CorelDraw
- Illustrator CS
- Premiere

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